Losing Friends and Alienating People

I get it. I’m as angry as you probably are, Reader. I’m angry at the anti-vaxxers and I’m angry at the irresponsible conspiracy peddlers. I am angry at the so-called developed nations who have hogged the global supply of vaccines. But what do you know? It has been a dark August, and I have anger to spare. … Read More Losing Friends and Alienating People

On being a ‘chubster’ – meditations on beauty and bodies

by Shehnaz   A few weeks ago I bumped into an acquaintance of my mum’s at the mall.  She knew of my current illness and inquired after my health, she then gave me a once over and asked, “Are they not giving you anything for the swelling?” That evening we had dinner with (my husband) family and my… Read More On being a ‘chubster’ – meditations on beauty and bodies