Losing Friends and Alienating People

I get it. I’m as angry as you probably are, Reader. I’m angry at the anti-vaxxers and I’m angry at the irresponsible conspiracy peddlers. I am angry at the so-called developed nations who have hogged the global supply of vaccines. But what do you know? It has been a dark August, and I have anger to spare. … Read More Losing Friends and Alienating People

The Reckoning

And yet. Even in 2020, hope springs eternal in South Africa. Reconciliation Day acknowledges brutality and loss whilst celebrating how far we have come in a few generations. It is not a perfect peace but it is far closer to peace than the horrors of colonialism and Apartheid. The violence that turns a river red with blood will eventually abate as the water cleanses and soothes. Reconciliation of these two states of being is the South African lot. … Read More The Reckoning