‘Stopping’ gender-based violence

As womxn, we exist as potential victims. We share space and breath. We cannot be expected to do it without limits and fear. So, ladies, take the self-defense classes. Don’t stay out alone too late. Drive don’t walk. If you’re being driven by someone else, make sure someone is tracking the vehicle. Dress conservatively. Smile when it’s suggested by a stranger on the street. Text your friend when you arrive safely. Be Careful. STOP GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE.… Read More ‘Stopping’ gender-based violence

Wheelchair Humour, love and other impossible pursuits

My husband and I are parents to two small, rambunctious children, aged four and ten months. They fill our days with joy and laughter, and we are consumed by their care.   This means our opportunities to exchange the banter and chatter and in-jokes that interlock with the backbone of our marriage are often trumped… Read More Wheelchair Humour, love and other impossible pursuits