The Guilty Pleasure of #CelesteChallengeAccepted

Listen. I like my comedy kooky. I firmly believe that the weirder the set-up, the smarter and funnier the punch line. I’ve long been a fan of Celeste Barber, an Australian comic who is famous for spoofing some of the more ridiculous expressions of glam culture. She shares most of these spoofs with her huge audience on Instagram and captions them #CelesteChallengeAccepted. … Read More The Guilty Pleasure of #CelesteChallengeAccepted

The Reckoning

And yet. Even in 2020, hope springs eternal in South Africa. Reconciliation Day acknowledges brutality and loss whilst celebrating how far we have come in a few generations. It is not a perfect peace but it is far closer to peace than the horrors of colonialism and Apartheid. The violence that turns a river red with blood will eventually abate as the water cleanses and soothes. Reconciliation of these two states of being is the South African lot. … Read More The Reckoning

Death of a salesperson: Reflections on ‘American Murder’ and multilevel marketing

In the final analysis, Christopher Watts, garden-variety woman-hater, confirmed what we know about misogyny. There is a reason that women are more likely to die at the hands of their male partners. The patriarchy is never more deadly than when it is lying in wait beside us, in the hearts of the men we love most in the world.… Read More Death of a salesperson: Reflections on ‘American Murder’ and multilevel marketing

‘Stopping’ gender-based violence

As womxn, we exist as potential victims. We share space and breath. We cannot be expected to do it without limits and fear. So, ladies, take the self-defense classes. Don’t stay out alone too late. Drive don’t walk. If you’re being driven by someone else, make sure someone is tracking the vehicle. Dress conservatively. Smile when it’s suggested by a stranger on the street. Text your friend when you arrive safely. Be Careful. STOP GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE.… Read More ‘Stopping’ gender-based violence